Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge – Make a mistake

Make a mistake – go ahead it’s okay. Everyone does it and it’s good for you. Without mistakes there is no growth. And feel free to learn from others people’s mistakes. Very successful people made many mistakes before they got it right. Very happy people took a lot of chances before they were able to find what truly makes them happy.

Here are a few things to think about and focus on to expand your capacity for mistakes in a positive way:

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Daily Challenge – Embrace Change

Flexibility is an essential part of resilience. By learning how to be more adaptable, you’ll be better equipped to respond when faced with a life crisis. Resilient people often utilize these events as an opportunity to branch out in new directions. While some people may be crushed by abrupt changes, highly resilient individuals are able to adapt and thrive.

Daily Challenge – Stop blaming other people

Take responsibility for your life and your actions. By blaming others, you are giving them too much power over your life. Be more proactive and less reactive.

No more “I can’t do this because of that person, thing, condition, environment, etc.”, and start asking yourself, “What can I do?” In other words, you go from looking for reasons why you cannot to what you can do.

Daily Challenge – Appreciate the bad days

It seems crazy, but I think it’s good to sometimes have a bad day. It’s those bad days that make you really appreciate the good ones. If not for pain, how would someone truly know pleasure.

If you’re having a bad day today, just try and get through it and know happy days are ahead.

If you’re having a good day, cherish it. You’ve had bad days and that is why you know this is a good one.

Daily Challenge – Let it go

According to this “Addicted to Stress? Surrender and Go With the Flow” we humans love to stress. If you’re a person who likes to be in control of everything in your life, it’s time to surrender and let some of it go. Not everything in life can go our way. No matter how much we plan, pray or hope. So today try to let it go. You may feel a huge weight lift off your shoulders.

Daily Challenge – Sleep=Happiness

With the recent time change, people tend to feel a bit jet lag. This is a good time to start some new habits at bed time. One very effective way of going and staying asleep is to turn off all electronic devices. That means no TV, no checking facebook one last time, and no quick game of candy crush. Turn it off!

The Science:

Electronics, Light and the Science of Sleep

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Daily Challenge – Spring Forward

The time changes this weekend. While you may be losing an hour, you’re gaining a lot of daylight in the evening. This is a great time to start taking advantage of the sunlight. Take a walk or have a dinner picnic. After the lull of winter, let yourself spring forward and begin anew.

Daily Challenge – Plant some seeds

Plant seeds – This could be figuratively and/or literally. Great things take time, but they also have to begin. If there is something you have been putting off, just take the first step today. Not every seed you plant will become ripe fruit, but the more you plant, the better your odds.

Daily Challenge – Enjoy Today

While it’s fun to look forward to things in life, never forget to enjoy today. Sometimes we wish away our lives looking forward to what’s to come. Life is happening now. What if today was your last, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you spend it with?


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