Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge – Stop comparing

Don’t compare.

Other people may seem like they have it all together or have everything you’ve ever wanted, but they probably also have things you don’t want.

I’ve heard a saying that went something like “if everyone threw all their troubles in a room, and then had to choose which ones they’d pick to have, they would most likely choose their own.”

Be a better version of you and love the things you have. It’s almost guaranteed someone out there is wishing they had your life.

Daily Challenge – Write it down

Negative thoughts and feelings are powerful and can consume you. They have the ability to make what could be a great day, bad. A proven way to help relieve this is to write down what’s bothering you and then discard the paper. According to some studies, physically tossing your worries away can cause you to emotionally let go as well.

On the other hand writing down positive experiences can help you feel happier. Writing down reasons to be grateful can make you feel happier and more satisfied. Studies show it can increase your happiness by up to three times.

So today write down what may be bothering you, crumple it up and toss it in the garbage. Then write down a few things that you are grateful for, fold it up and put it in your pocket as a reminder.

Daily Challenge – Log off and Unplug

Today is National Day of Unplugging! What a perfect opportunity to take a break from constantly being connected. Turn off the need to know what’s happening at every moment or feeling others need to be notified of what’s happening with you. Enjoy life in the present, it’s happening.

Daily Challenge – Go Outside

The next nice day (hopefully today) – go outside and take in some fresh air. Just 20 minutes outside can greatly improve your happiness level.

Daily Challenge – Truly Engage

Throughout the day try and be completely present in the moment. When talking to someone, really listen. Don’t try and multitask your whole day. Just do one thing at a time and concentrate.

Daily Challenge – Realistic expectations

Be realistic in your expectations. Hoping for more than is probably going to happen causes a physical and psychological reaction greater than just disappointment. Today try to assess your expectations in life. Are they realistic? Are you far too often disappointed in most outcomes?

I’ve always thought, better to be nicely surprised than sadly disappointed.

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Daily Challenge – Zone out

Find a quiet place to be by yourself. Lay on the floor or sit in a chair, find a spot on the ceiling and just stare at it for five minutes. Let your mind wander. Reflect on your day. Don’t dwell on anything in particular. Just relax and be for just a few moments.

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