Hit the refresh button

It’s easy to fill every waking moment of your free time with smartphone apps, social media browsing, TV, books, hobbies, and more, but it isn’t always a good idea. Sometimes what you need isn’t a distraction, it’s a moment to yourself. There isn’t a lot of free time in the day, for most people, but it isn’t hard to find a couple of five-minute windows where you can drop everything and be alone with your thoughts.

  • Use your empty time to think about whatever you want, or just lay back and look at the patterns on your ceiling or the leaves on a tree near your window. Don’t fill it with anything that requires your attention to be enjoyed, such as a book or a smartphone. [1]

We used to have an abundance of this time; when there were no devices that could captivate our attention whenever and wherever we happened to be. We would have to fill that time with thinking, daydreaming or observing the world around us.

So the next time your waiting in line, taking a long car ride (as a passenger of course) or just sitting on the couch, turn off all distractions and just digest your thoughts for a few minutes. It will allow your mind to hit the refresh button on your brain. Give you chance to focus on what may be upsetting you or remind you of something nice someone did for you.


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